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Aspiring Full Membership

The link below provides a list of arbitrators who are candidates for Full Membership or have indicated their intention to apply for Full Membership in due course.

Those on the list have been selected because they are considered to fulfill certain of the salient requirements for Full Membership (including independence from competing commercial activities), but are seeking further appointments in LMAA arbitrations to enable them to demonstrate the experience criterion for Full Membership. Inclusion in the list does not imply any endorsement by the Association of the qualification of those listed for any particular appointment (as to which potential appointors are expected to make their own assessment).

Members are asked to note that membership is granted at the Association’s discretion. In any arbitrations in which they are appointed or acting under the LMAA Terms & Procedures as arbitrators, Aspiring Full Members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Association’s Advice on Ethics as published on the Association’s website: The Committee of the Association may decline or revoke membership where there are reasonable grounds to conclude that there has been a breach of the Advice on Ethics or conduct which would be damaging to the reputation of the Association.

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