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Sunday 19 November

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2459 ABASINS, VALENTINS     Fujairah
2381 ABERDOUR, ROBERT     Surrey
2376 AFUN, ADE     Lagos
2198 AGBAKOBA OON SAN DR, O     Apapa
2408 AIKENS, SIR RICHARD     London
771 AIKMAN, DAVID     Tonbridge
2209 AKINOLA, J A     Lagos
1331 AKKA QC, L     London
2261 ALADWANI DR, TALAL H.     Kuwait
2212 ALBERS MS, KARINA     London
2039 ALBUM, EDWARD     London
1210 ALCANTARA, JOSE M     Madrid
2335 ALDER, E     Hong Kong
2280 ALLEN QC, D     London
2201 AMASLIDIS, YOSIF     London

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