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TheCityUK Legal Services Report 2021

TheCityUK has published its 2021 report on the contribution made to the British economy by legal services, including dispute resolution for international parties. The report states, ‘The UK remains a world-leading centre of legal excellence and a destination of choice for international legal services and the resolution of legal disputes.’

As in previous years, the LMAA features prominently in the table of UK providers’ caseload statistics for arbitration, adjudication and mediation. This year, for the first time, TheCityUK has included international comparisons, reproducing two graphs compiled by LexisNexis UK, which compare the caseloads and appointments of arbitrators of six major international arbitral bodies. The LMAA comes top of both graphs by a wide margin, having an annual caseload much larger than that of any of the institutions and, as the report says, seeing ‘more than half of the appointments across the six organisations in 2020, as it did in the previous year.’

The report notes, ‘LMAA arbitration remains the primary forum of choice for dispute resolution in the world of ships and shipping, and its reach extends across the maritime spectrum, encompassing not only shipping (for example, carriage of goods, shipbuilding and ship sale and purchase) but also international trade and offshore energy, including renewables. Together with the other providers of international arbitration in London, the LMAA assists London in maintaining its position as the leading centre worldwide for international arbitration, offering its services to the myriad parties who choose to have their disputes resolved in London.’

The report can be accessed HERE


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