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Webinar: The LMAA Terms 2021: Resolving shipping, trade and offshore energy disputes

On 6 July, the Baltic Exchange hosted a webinar on the subject of the LMAA Terms 2021 and their use in shipping, trade and offshore energy disputes.

At this very well-attended event, Immediate Past President Bruce Harris described the history of the Terms. This was followed by a description of the key revisions in the latest version of the Terms by David Owen QC, Full Member, who led the review and drafting. The Association’s President David Steward gave an overview of the procedures for small and intermediate claims. He also commented on the use of the Terms for offshore energy disputes, for example under BIMCO charters and in offshore construction projects. David pointed to aspects of the Terms which made them particularly well suited to a wide range of disputes in relation to oil and gas and renewables, including those under drilling and other service contracts.

The Association is very grateful to the Baltic Exchange for hosting the event and to Crispin Eccleston for chairing it.

A recording of the webinar is available via the following link.


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