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Full Members prepared to accept appointments as Evaluators

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which an independent and impartial evaluator is appointed to provide parties with a non-binding assessment of their dispute. Its objective is to give them a realistic indication of the merits of their respective cases to help inform negotiations between them and, if the evaluator considers it appropriate, to put forward a figure or range for settlement.

While LMAA arbitration in London remains the world leader in maritime dispute resolution by some distance and as popular as ever, the LMAA recognises that many parties seek ways to resolve their disputes at an early stage in order to operate their contracts sensibly and preserve their commercial relationships. In doing so they may also save valuable management time and legal expense. The LMAA ENE scheme helps to address this need. It offers the terms of a proforma ENE Agreement between the parties and an evaluator which can be adapted to the particular requirements of any case. That agreement can also be adopted for use in chain or otherwise related disputes involving more than two parties.

The following Full Members are prepared to accept appointment as evaluator:

Michael Allen
Clive Aston
David Farrington
Sara Gillingham Aukner
Lindsay Gordon
Ben Goss
Mark Hamsher
Bruce Harris
Trevor Harrison
Capt Keith Hart
Daniella Horton
Peter Jago
Sarra Kay
David Martin-Clark
Duncan Quinan
Dr Aleka Sheppard
David Steward

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