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50th Anniversary Conference

The papers set out below were presented at the LMAA 50th Anniversary Conference at London Guildhall on 18th March 2010.  Available on request by email to:

“The LMAA in the 21st Century: Securing the Future for London Maritime Arbitration” by Joanna Steele, Bentleys

“Maritime Arbitration/Expert Witness” by Lindsay Gordon, Gordon Marine

“Effective Case Management” by Lionel Persey QC, Quadrant Chambers

“Costs Saving in LMAA Arbitrations” by Nicholas Parton, Jackson Parton

“LMAA Arbitrations: Observations of a User” by Daniel Evans, Thomas Miller Defence Limited

“Appeals From Arbitration Awards” by Epaminondas G.E. Embiricos

“Arbitrators’ Powers to Order Interim Measures (Including Anti-Suit Injunctions)” by Professor Charles Debattista, Stone Chambers and Institute of Maritime Law, University of Southampton

“Security For and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards” by Michael Payton, Clyde & Co.

“Significant Developments in Shipbuilding Disputes Within London Arbitration” by Oliver Weiss, Ince & Co London