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Sunday 22 October

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1352 FAINT, R     Lyndhurst
723 FARRINGTON, DAVID    LLB. West Wycombe
1228 FENECH MS, A     Valletta
2221 FENTON QC, A     London
2434 FERRIGNO, JOSEPH     London
2431 FILARETOV, GEORGI     Sofia
798 FINDLAY, STEPHEN     Liverpool
799 FINK MS, SONJA     London
2362 FINLAY, H     Hamburg
1353 FISHER, N     London
1334 FITZPATRICK, S     Leighton Buzzard
2132 FITZWANGA DR, N     Mombasa
1049 FLAHERTY, J     London
1248 FLYNN, M     Auckland
975 FLYNN QC, VERNON     London

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